The Council Road Safety group had a survey done of the most pressing cycling infrastructure needs in the Shire.
One of the most nominated improvements was to establish a bike trail/path from Foster to the Prom.
This path is also a major wish from the groups running bicycle tours in South Gippsland.
However, it was not covered in the Council 2017 Trails and Paths Strategy.
That Strategy was all about creating a spine through the Shire to link the various areas. The main thrust of that Strategy was stated as below.
“To develop South Gippsland’s walking, cycling and horse riding pathway network for all abilities, and where practicable, safely connect South Gippsland’s residents, businesses and visitors to town centres, schools and main tourist attractions.”
Given that Wilsons Promontory is the major tourist attraction in the Shire it appears the Strategy has a major shortcoming. A Foster to Prom bike trail would link into the main tourist attraction.
We believe the residents should push for this Foster-Prom bike path when the review of the Council Plan is undertaken later this year.
As we identified in the Yanakie and Waratah Bay Coastal growth paper earlier in the month, the construction of a water main from Foster to Yanakie would do much of the heavy lifting in clearing a path for a bike trail.
Remember that growth strategy would have seen a significant residential development in the Yanakie area and hence more users of a trail.
We believe that around $750,000 expended on a piggy back with the water main construction could enable the Shire to get a Foster to Prom bike trail.
This requires the Council to think creatively about development around the Shire.
However, it is our Shire so let’s tell the staff what we need them to do.
I think this trail fits into the category of “build it and they will come”.
This would be a far better investment than $3.5M on a new library at Leongatha. It is a matter of arranging the priorities. Corner Inlet residents – get busy and lobby Council.
Lindsay Love, South Gippsland Action Group secretary.