I have lived in Inverloch for the past 10 years and in that time, I have travelled regularly around the South Gippsland region.
In that time, petrol has always been 10-15c/litre dearer than towns in our neighbouring Shires.
I ask why?
For example, this week I was in the Traralgon – Morwell towns and purchased fuel at 12c/litre cheaper than we do at home.
Warragul, Sale and Bairnsdale are other locations that benefit from cheaper fuel. This proposal is a great opportunity for local town people, pensioners and travellers to enjoy the benefits of some competition in our region.
I say to the councillors, whose views are opposed to this development, consider the residents who put you in office.
I can understand why Cr Les Larke has a different opinion to the other councillors.
The benefits to the community, business trade, travellers and farmers outweigh the argument against the proposal.
The highway is in need of a stopping and service point for weary travellers heading to Wilsons Promontory or further east.
Also think of the city residents who travel weekly to their holiday homes in this region.
If they can obtain cheap fuel in Inverloch, they have no need to fill their tanks in the suburbs, which have discounted fuel.
Fred Debono, Inverloch.