I write this as a long-time Gippsland resident (nearly 78 years) as a farmer, businessman and apart from six years, a long-term resident.
I bring to your attention of the diversity of Gippsland and how in this lovely part of Australia, that financially there is great discrepancies in financial circumstances.
Look, I’m asking if you have been fortunate to [have] had a reasonable harvest or earnt reasonable income to think of all that are east of Traralgon who are experiencing the worst drought on record and now disastrous fires that is affecting all residents in one way or another in the east.
They need your support! Financially, spiritually and anyway you can lift their spirits, to face 2020, the new decade, to give them hope for the future.
There is a number of organisations you can donate to, [including] GERF (www.gerf.org.au) Gippsland Emergency Relief Fund. Donate a Bale Fund (www.buyabale.com.au) your local service clubs (Lions, Rotary, Apex, etc.).
There is a number of good local fundraisers who make sure nearly 100 per cent gets through to the needy recipients.
I also ask you pray for rain! This is desperately needed and will give hope to many to carry on into the future.
Allan Cunningham, Traralgon.