I just wanted to correct a story published on Page 4 of the SGST on January 7.
Story was entitled “Three caught in rip at Venus Bay”.
The critical pieces of the story are that the family were swimming at an UNPATROLLED beach, several kilometres from Venus Bay’s one patrolled beach.
The 15-year-old boy was rescued by three of the professional Lifeguards who were on duty at the patrolled beach, and drove quickly down to Fifth Beach that day.
These are professional Lifeguards (not volunteer Lifesavers), paid for by the local council during summer, when volunteer patrols are not on duty.
We should reinforce the message to everyone to swim between the flags, on patrolled beaches.
The local councils should also be credited with providing the paid lifeguard service – it really does save lives.
That family could very easily have lost a son.
It was a job well done by the Lifeguards, and supported by the arrival of emergency services (paramedics and police).
And although it was professional Lifeguards who performed the rescue this time, I wish to acknowledge all the volunteer surf lifesavers who put in an amazing effort on our local beaches, keeping swimmers safe and saving lives throughout the year.
Thanks for the opportunity to correct the story, and to give credit where it’s due.
Anna Kilborn, Inverloch.