Now that the whole country has been on fire for so long, surely it’s time to talk?
Can we really afford to allow vested interests to cause any more damage?
Isn’t our lack of action really duck shoving our responsibilities onto the little children we claim to cherish?
For just one piece of action, clearly needed, how about we start to reduce our energy consumption?
Just one way we can do this, already done, even in Australia, in ACT, is scrapping the requirement, for new housing developments, to have gas connected to each house. No more gas.
Just this one action is surely enough to stop the ridiculous antics of AGL at Hastings, with a project for Australia, as the world’s biggest exporter of natural gas, becoming an importer of LNG. Isn’t this too silly for words?
Some newer, more expensive household gas appliances might be efficient, relatively, but so many are no more efficient, making emissions as big as electric appliances on coal-fired electricity.
Then we just need zero emission electricity.
Time for calling a sensible retirement age for all our derelict dinosaur coal power stations, so that there’s sensible demand to provide return on investment for replacements.
Bean counters responsible for coal-fired power stations would have put money aside if coal had ever been viable. They haven’t. It’s not.
Can something please be done about Angus Taylor, Matt Canavan and all their shock jock mates? How about we don’t suffer the little children?
Bernie McComb, Cowes.