F Schooneveldt doesn’t think Bass Coast Shire Council charges enough rates (Letters, January 14).
Come to live in San Remo and you pay more, in fact 30 per cent more than suburbs in Melbourne for similar value property!
We have property part of 24 units and all 24 are built on what was three blocks.
Our rates this year – $1900 for minimum size block of land we own.
Multiply rates by 24 units and I think we pay more than enough!
Maybe we should be charged based on which areas are provided most services by the council – that way Wonthaggi would go up and San Remo will go down dramatically!
No resident of San Remo can remember last time any council money was spent here, in fact we’re convinced they don’t know we exist except when they send out the rates bill.
They did of course “offer” us a skate park and got all huffy when we said didn’t want it, in fact worst performance by our three councillors I have ever seen at a public meeting.
However, council elections are this year, it will be interesting to see how many are re-elected or maybe won’t nominate!
Be a good idea if we went back to one councillor per area. Only other council areas I heard of were told this would occur was Shire of Yarra Ranges, the local member and Deputy Premier had that decision scrapped in five days while Bass Coast were asleep at the wheel!
Maybe they didn’t want to upset their great mate Dan, after all they clearly agree with everything his government asks for including the skate park by the Phillip Island Tourist Road, it didn’t seem to worry the Deputy Premier to oppose the voting system we got stuck with which sees our three councillors responsible for well over 50 per cent of total land area in Bass Coast area – absolutely ridiculous task for them and just doesn’t represent the views of the various wide-ranging from tourism centres like San Remo and Newhaven to farming land communities they are supposed to represent, an impossible task.
Chris Day, San Remo.