IT WILL be ‘game on’ for the top dairy breeders in Gippsland and beyond with Saturday’s Korumburra Show hosting the most important dairy competition in Gippsland this year.
According to Chief Cattle Steward and show society president, Ian Cash, the society has put together the best array of prizes and prize money for years and has gone far and wide to drum up entries.
“We took the message up to International Dairy Week recently, handing out schedules for our show. We won’t know the number of entries until the last few days, but the weather is expected to be ideal and we’ve had plenty of good feedback,” said Ian this week.
“South Gippsland did exceptionally well at Dairy Week this year with the Templeton family of Tarwin Lower, Bruce, Jan, Matt and Nicola getting the Supreme Champion ribbon.
“I don’t know if that cow will be coming into Korumburra but we’ve been in contact with all of the region’s top breeders and with cattle in this area in particular in great condition, we would expect a top show of 50 head or more.
“We’ve also been able to get some great prizes of hats, shirts etc for the youngsters and we’ve got three sections for the young breeders as well as an encouragement.
“We’ve got a judge coming in from Tasmania, Olivia Millhouse, so I guess you could say we’ve attracted an overseas’ judge.
“We’re really looking forward to it and we would encourage everyone to come along and have a look,” he said.

At Dairy Week
A Gippsland cow bred by the renowned Avonlea Holstein stud and owned and exhibited by fellow Gippslanders, the Templeton family, came away with top honours at the National Holstein Show at International Dairy Week recently.
Matt and Nicola Templeton and parents Bruce and Jan, Tarwin Lower, ae the proud owners of Avonlea Reginald Jacobonia, the senior champion and grand champion exhibit.
The six year old, sired by Regancrest Reginald, beat another Avonlea-bred female, Avonlea-YF Windbrook Cinnamon, shown by Cinnamin Partners, Blighty, NSW, for the champion ribbon.
Nicola Templeton said they had purchased the cow in 2019 after husband Matt spotted her at IDW in 2019 in John Gardiner’s team.
Ian Cash said dairy farmers locally were having a stellar season and he encouraged his fellow farmers to take some time off to have a look at the cows at Korumburra and enjoy a bit of fellowship.