I attended the Australia Day celebrations at McIndoe Park this year, as usual it was inspiring for those attending.
Maybe we are biased but living in Australia, and this part of the nation, it is easy to believe we live in one of the most blessed places in the world.
I recall one politician saying being born in Australia, or becoming an Australian citizen, was like winning the lottery and those becoming Australian citizens seemed to genuinely appreciate this.
Much was said about the values and traditions of being Australian. My concern is the benefits we’ve had passed on to us are being eroded by the creeping ingress of political correctness.
Groups and policies are being incorporated into our society that contribute to the breakdown of the life we have all benefitted from.
I believe we should resist those wanting the benefits of our society but at the same time wanting to change our society. Please keep this in mind and oppose these un-Australian moves however you can.
Once again, the Australia Day celebrations are well worth the while attending each year. Thank you to the organising committees and those volunteers for a great day.
Steve Finlay, Leongatha.