I respect regular correspondent Bernie McComb’s democratic right to voice his opinion.
I am not a wealthy person, but I would be prepared to donate a small amount of money to a fund that would pay for a trip to China for Bernie.
When in China he could arrange demonstrations at each of the coal fired power stations in that fine dictatorship.
I am sure that the Chinese Communists wouldn’t object to that sort of behaviour.
When he finishes his inspection of the numerous existing power stations he can start again as the Chinese in their industrious way will have built some more coal fired power stations. It would be a long “holiday”.
When Bernie eventually returns to beautiful South Gippsland he may look around and think that life isn’t so bad after all in our wonderful democracy we have in Australia.
It isn’t perfect but it is better than any other place on the planet.
As for the dreaded climate change, it has been happening for millions of years and we are still here enjoying our lives on Earth.
Do we want Victoria to be like South Australia where wind power often means no power?
Norm Fraser, Inverloch.