Lev presents a $2500 cheque to Corinella CFA captain Sue Jenner, with CFA volunteer Danielle Munnings and calendar designer, Chris Petrie.

By Chris Petrie

THEY said it couldn’t be done!
That was enough to get Coronet Bay local Levinus Van De Neut rallying the support of local residents, who modelled in, photographed and designed the inaugural Beach Bums 2020 (nude) Calendar.
Sales of this cheeky salute to the Coronet Bay and Corinella communities raised $5000 from three sell-out print runs.
Proceeds from the calendar sales were divided, with $2500 presented to the Coronet Bay Community Garden and $2500 presented to the Corinella CFA.
Mr Van De Neut was thrilled with the response and enthusiasm.
“Three years in the making, a bunch of absolute local stars and a result that far exceeded my expectations. Community spirit is alive and thriving in our local towns,” said Mr Van De Neut as he personally presented the cheques to the volunteer organisations.
Mr Van De Neut stated: “I would like to thank our awesome sponsors who put up the monies to pay for our printing, our 26 models who stepped out of their comfort zones to make it all happen, our photographers who did an amazing job, Chris Petrie our graphic designer who put it all together, The Grantville Pharmacy, Coronet Bay store and Corinella store who sold them for us.
“To Channel 9 Gippsland and 3MFM Community Radio Inverloch and the Waterline News for promoting us. Thank you to the Coronet Bay Coffee club and Beach Bum members for your support and your encouragement.
“And leaving the best to last, a huge thank you to all the wonderful people who purchased the Beach Bums Nude Calendar.
“Thank you all from the bottom of my heart.”
When pressed on the question of a follow-up 2021 calendar, Mr Van De Neut commented: “The organisation and promotion of the calendar has exhausted me. Perhaps a 2022 calendar might be more realistic.”
Mr Van De Neut also noted that the days of the 2020 calendar will be identical to the days for the years 2048, 2076 and 2116. So, pass them down the family line.