I am responding to the article in The South Gippsland Sentinel-Times (February 11, ‘Mobile library reinvented’) whereby designer Bridget Hall focuses her Design-Honours year on trying to create a solution for the Bass Coast residents unhappy with the phasing out of the mobile library truck that presently visits five towns in the Bass Coast Shire (Coronet Bay, Kilcunda, Corinella, Grantville and San Remo).
Bridget, please make contact on our Facebook page!
This is an opportunity to look at innovative ideas and see how this could be applied in practical terms.
Presently our Member for Bass, Jordan Crugnale, is looking at mental health issues in the community and supporting services that can fill the existing gaps -as reported in South Gippsland Sentinel-Times (February 11, ‘Support for mental health’).
How wonderful that services like the mobile library truck are presently in place to support those who may feel geographically isolated.
What a great way for incidental connections to occur a short stroll from home.
It’s important we keep these services. Combine it with innovative thought such as input from designer Bridget Hall and we may just have a solution.
Linda Nicholls, Coronet Bay.