This is in appreciation for organisers of Sustainable Living Festival (SLF) on February 14 and 15, who this year, in recognition of so much extreme weather, dedicated the main event to a National Climate Emergency Summit.
Tickets sold out fast at the original venue Melbourne Town Hall, then streaming venue at Capitol Theatre, then free streaming over internet provided attendance for hundreds more people.
There were many simultaneous breakout events, especially for local government, most deserving of our attention, to make sure climate emergency actually works and is not just a “been there, done that”, box ticking exercise.
Per previous years, SLF continues, more events during February at, presenting essential organisations, products and services of all shapes and sizes.
SLF makes you think. Our PM thinks a price on carbon can only ever be seen as taxation, while he has faith in miracle emission reductions from technology.
How sad is his first miracle to sign up for new Commonwealth Car Fleet incorporating diesel power.
Evidently, they looked at brochures, even tested others, but not one electric vehicle.
Even Boris [Johnson] in the UK is bringing forward dates when selling all diesel/petrol cars will be banned.
How can Scomo even pretend basic honesty about clean energy emergency?
So many people still advocate global warming less than 1.5degrees.
Carbon dioxide in the atmosphere is now close to 420ppm (parts per million), rising at close to 3ppm per year.
Numbers are on the basis of 2degree limit, projected to correspond with 450ppm.
With 3ppm/year growth, 2 degree limit will be busted by 2030.
All numbers like this have been “massaged” to not scare the punters. At 1.2degrees currently, looking at recent catastrophes, 1.5 was only ever a distraction. At 2 degrees… just imagine.
Finally, remembering CO2 equivalents, like natural gas and nitrogen oxides, they add to CO2e real value, now close to 520ppm.
But the Coalition says there’s nothing to worry about, we can even build new coal power stations. As they continue so foolishly, dangerously dishonestly, surely it’s time for us to pay attention, get honest amongst ourselves, to call out no action?
Bernie McComb, Cowes.