I think Norm Fraser of Inverloch would benefit more from a trip to China than his suggested recipient, Bernie McComb (Letters, February 11).
The Chinese CCP government has done more than any other country to implement renewable energy.
They have also wound back construction of new coal-fired power stations and they export most of the rooftop solar equipment that we Australians are installing.
Why? Because with the intensity of industry in China, they cannot breathe the air or drink the water if they continue to use coal-fired power generation.
Norm might also benefit from a trip to South Australia where renewable energy is satisfying up to 60 per cent of the state’s needs today with increased reliability and lower costs to consumers according to recent reports.
Norm and his mates, with heads deeply buried in the sands of Inverloch, will get a rude awakening as stronger storm surges and rapidly rising sea level washes that sand away.
We are on track with present emissions to achieve 3 degrees C of global warming by 2030 which is three times more than we currently have.
That is less than 10 years away.
With that warming comes accelerated climate change and accelerated sea level rise.
If you think the last 12 months were a bit grim for Australia, we can all look forward to a 300 per cent increase in the consequences of climate change by 2030.
I am truly sorry to be so pessimistic Norm but the ocean is coming and you have a front row seat at Inverloch.
Ted Minty, North Wonthaggi.