A CRUCIAL reminder, the silage sign leaving Leongatha as you’re heading towards East Gippsland is written by dairy farmer Mark ‘Sparky’ Dowling.
This is Mark’s tenth year writing a slogan across his silage.
“Sometimes it’s a joke or something a little more serious,” he said.
“The sign’s pretty simple, but I think it’s important to remember.”
Mark said he first saw the message online, originally from a TEDx talk.
‘Without Farmers, You’d be Hungry, Naked, and Sober,’ is by Eric Sannerud and was presented at TEDx St Cloud.
During the presentation, Eric describes farming challenges.
Eric says the ‘80s and ‘90s American culture of ‘get big or get out’ is largely to blame for factory farming.
“Policy turned farmers from a venerated class to something that costs have to be minimised.
“To support his family, my grandpa used to have six cows, now he needs 600,” he said.
“This is not a problem that we can solve with farmers markets.
“Policy got us into this mess and policy will get us out,” Eric said.
He finished by encouraging his listeners to vote towards sustainable farming policy.
“You vote with you fork,” Eric said.