By Michael Giles

DON’T let me hear that any of those useless councillors, tossed out on their ears by the Local Government Minister in June last year, are planning a return in 2021!
They’ve cost us an absolute fortune in legal fees and wasted effort already.
And as much as the Administrators might try to fill the breach, they can’t act like an elected council, provide a free flow of information and engage with the community like a council of the people can.
We’ve lost that and we’ve lost important funds for doing vital things like improving roads, libraries, playgrounds, pools and all the rest thanks to them.
And we’ve lost that important community interface all because of their private and personal agendas.
But wait, there’s more.
These disgraced individuals are still costing us money, as we find out from the Council Agenda for the Wednesday, February 26 council meeting, a total of $253,000 (less the youth leadership component) to run a Community Leadership Development Program because the Minister thinks we’re so backward down here, we need help attracting good councillors.
It’s a disgrace and all down to the problem element on the previous council who sought to push their own agendas rather than serve the people.
When the time comes, and the election is still 20 months away, we will name names so that the excesses of this last pack of parasites is not lost in all the bull dust that’s bound to fly the closer we get to the October 2021 poll.
That’s what newspapers do and need to keep on doing, because, as they say, democracy dies in darkness.