TRADIES across Australia are banding together to help rebuild the communities affected by the devastating bushfires.
With over 6000 tradies and volunteers already registered to help, the group are calling for trades to register to donate their time and skills.
The group was started by Melbourne-based carpenter Piers Smart.
“I wanted to help but I wasn’t in a position to give financially,” said Piers.
“What I had was my spare time and I thought there must be more people like me that were willing to help out. Evidently, there were thousands.
“The trades community are passionate and it’s a reflection of the Aussie spirit to want to talk less and do more.
“Our main aim now is to continue to gather registrations. With well over 2000 homes and community buildings lost, there is a huge task ahead.
“We are currently building a web platform that will link our trades with the fire-affected [communities] when the time is right.
“Help comes in many forms, and our members have already made such a difference. From tool drops to hay runs, to safe spaces for fire-affected locals. Our group is made up of a beautiful bunch of legends.
“This is a long-term plan for a long-term solution. It is our goal to work closely with state governments, the insurance industry, local councils, and various charities to make sure the rollout of help is as efficient and effective as possible.”
If you are unable to offer your trade, you can assist by helping spread the word or making a donation to your local community groups. Register now at