VIPLUS Dairy has expanded its distribution internationally into the retail consumer market, as it showcases a strong future for Gippsland’s nutritional dairy industry.
Established in Australia, ViPlus Dairy supplies high-quality nutritional milk formula products from the factory based in Toora.
ViPlus continues to develop a strategic pathway of expansion across many countries including Singapore, Malaysia, Philippines, Vietnam, Cambodia, the Middle East and Myanmar.
ViPlus is placing a strong emphasis on innovation as it develops new products and new markets. This involves the inclusion of progressive ingredients that ViPlus state will help with the fundamental health benefits for the consumer across many markets and cultures.
ViPlus is proud to announce a new key partnership in Thailand as they expand into further South East Asian (SEA) markets.
At a prestigious event last week, organised by the Australian Government, ViPlus Dairy undertook an official signing ceremony at the Australian Embassy in Bangkok, Thailand.
Thailand is now the largest consumer market in SEA.
ViPlus Dairy continues to source its raw materials from Gippsland producers wherever possible as part of their commitment to Gippsland producers, providing a major boost for the entire local dairy industry and its farmers.
ViPlus Chief Executive Officer Jon McNaught said: “ViPlus is fully committed to delivering a strong future in Gippsland. We have expanded our distribution contracts into new emerging SEA markets that underpin our commitment to the local Victorian dairy industry.
“Gippsland is the heart of Australia’s clean and green dairy industry. The more ViPlus expands production, the stronger the future for the whole dairy industry. It means more jobs in Toora in the future, it means greater benefits to the local dairy farmers and most importantly a stronger vibrant local community,” Mr McNaught said.