On January 20, both the TV and radio proclaimed another environment problem, amongst all the other man-made catastrophes.
I had previously decided to refrain from venting my concerns in writing having failed, over many years, to provoke creative activity, even some awareness in the local authority.
I decided to submit to the professionals, they of course know better than the troublesome peasants.
The concerned scientists claimed that in many water courses the unique platypus is on the decline by as much as 30 per cent. Will the destruction of our precious fauna never end?
Some years ago, the relevant department, obeying its basic mantra, cleared trees from the Turtons Creek.
At the same time, it removed certain rock obstructions that blocked the free water flowing close to the bridge. Unfortunately, their simple practice also removed the small dam that was the home of the resident platypus.
I could stand looking down at that curious creature swimming happily whilst I gained great pleasure. I thought the reader might like to be informed.
That same Monday I saw a koala strutting along the Turtons Creek Road which tends to indicate the value of this valley as a natural wildlife corridor it also says to me that logging should cease alongside the two tributaries that importantly feed water to the Tarwin River. I suggest the successful protection of this area requires a planned rezoning of the land involved.
Why do I bother?
Ron Brown, Turtons Creek.