Ted Minty of North Wonthaggi suggests that I should visit China to observe their wonderful efforts to implement renewable energy (Letters, February 18).
I do not intend to visit China for many reasons, one of which is I do not like wearing a mask.
I haven’t been a fan of masks since I stopped reading Lone Ranger and Phantom comics some time ago.
Even the climate change extremists concede that China is the worst offender on Earth regarding carbon emissions, and is the largest user of coal-derived electricity.
Ted does not have to write disparagingly of “Norm and his mates” in Inverloch.
Does it matter where I live when I am expressing my personal opinions?
The global warming/climate change activists have done a wonderful job brainwashing the western world while attempting to lower our standards of living.
Of course, their aim would not be to make Australia a socialist country, would it?
I hope Ted isn’t one of those who listens to Greta Thunberg.
I do support Ted’s right to express his opinion in our wonderful Australian democracy. Unfortunately for the people of China they do not have that same freedom of expression.
Norm Fraser, Inverloch.