Sentinel Times comment

THERE’S so much coming at us from every angle at the moment it’s hard to comprehend what it all means.
And we’ll try not to add to the confusion.
But we’ve simply got to take the coronavirus pandemic seriously.
Social distancing of a minimum of 1.5 metres is an absolute must. Hold up your hand when anyone tries to get closer and kindly ask them to stand back.
Wash hands with soap at every opportunity, wipe down surfaces with alcohol disinfectant, don’t visit the elderly or at risk, don’t touch your face and for god’s sake, have the courtesy not to cough or sneeze in the open air.
These germs can hang in the air for hours and on surfaces for days.
The fact is though that short of a total shutdown of activity, where we close our borders, and all stay home for 14 days; this pandemic will keep on spreading.
As an island nation, we had the perfect opportunity to isolate but the government blew it. We didn’t help with our ignorance and selfish behaviour.
On the weekend, we saw 20 people from Warragul getting off a fishing charter at San Remo. There were also big gatherings of people at cafes and bakeries and also at pubs and clubs in the evening.
We can’t do that.
The Premier has also said that dinner parties with family and friends are out. He says if there’s someone at the table with COVID-19, the danger is everyone will get up as an infected carrier.
This is huge. To give you an idea of the spread. It took three months for the first 100,000 cases worldwide to be registered, the second 100,000 took 12 days and the third 100,000 took only three days.
But we’re in this together. Don’t get angry, don’t road rage anyone, don’t abuse your family… it will pass. It’s more important to help the vulnerable. Take it one day at a time and hopefully in six months’ time most of us will have come through relatively unscathed.
The sad part is that some of our loved ones will not.