THE 18th annual Southern Charolais Breeders Group Sale is coming up and event organisers say it’s going to be better than ever.
Charolais Society of Australia treasurer Ken Manton said he thought the Southern Charolais Breeders Group Sale was the longest-running multi-vendor stud sale in Australia.
This year, seven vendors will be selling 33 bulls and 16 females.
Mr Manton explained the Southern Charolais Breeders Group Sale started when a group of stud breeders wanted an elite market to sell their cattle.
He said most bulls are sold to commercial breeders because when a Charolais is crossed with another breed, the hybrids are bigger and are quicker to gain weight than other crosses.
“The most popular crosses are with Angus and Herefords mainly,” Mr Manton said.
Wayne and Dianne Missen run a beef and dairy enterprise at Denison and have been crossing Charolais for 15 years.
“No other breed gives us the same weight gain as the Charolais as well as a great temperament in the bulls,” Mr Missen said.
“The calves are so easy to handle, and calving has been excellent.
“The Charolais cross is so easy going with great growth. It also gives us more flexibility when we sell them either as vealers or if we take them through to bullocks. There is always a good market for them.”
The 18th Southern Charolais Breeders Group Sale will be held at the Yea Saleyards on Thursday, March 19, at noon.