Mirboo North and District Junior Tennis B Grade Premiers were Baromi. Team members were (not in order) Matthew Fraser, Danny Buissink, Eliana Carrigy, Zac Jones and Flynn Carrigy.

Mirboo North and District Junior Tennis C Grade Premiers were Fish Creek White. Team members were (not in order) Lily Gornall, Harper Henning, Archie Henning, Will Henning and Anouar Cunningham.

THE Mirboo North and District Junior Tennis Grand Finals were played over the weekend at Mirboo North.
Special protocols were in place to minimise player and spectator interaction. Thank you to all for following our guidelines from Tennis Victoria.
The tennis itself was played in good spirit with great tennis being played in all grades.
In the A Grade, it was Fish Creek taking on Mardan. Fish Creek has been the top side all year and Mardan had a great win in the semi final to make it through into the grand final from third spot.
The tennis in A grade was of a very high standard and great to watch, but Fish Creek ended up winning the match 6 Sets 36 games to Mardan 0 Sets 17 games.
We’re looking forward to seeing some of these juniors coming into senior tennis next season.
In the B Grade, Leongatha Barty took on Baromi. These two teams have been the top two teams of the competition this year and a great match was played between them. Some close matches and great rallies were had but it was Baromi who come out on top at the end of the day. Final scores where Baromi 4 Sets 25 games to Leongatha Barty 2 Sets 17 games.
The C Grade match was the closest of the day. Here Baromi took on Fish Creek White. Some great tennis was played by both sides and the level of skill on show was a must watch. In the end Fish Creek White won the day. Final scores where Fish Creek White 4 sets 23 games to Baromi 4 Sets 22 games. Only 1 game separated them at the end of the day.
Junior tennis is looking very strong in the area with great finals being played over the last two weeks. Thanks to everyone associated with Junior tennis this season as it has been a great success. Looking forward to seeing everyone back next year.