LEONGATHA Secondary College students Angus Clark and Isla Hickey will be attending as national delegates at the 25th National Schools Constitutional Convention (NSCC).
Angus and Isla will travel to Canberra to be among 120 Year 11 and 12 students selected from around Australia to attend this three-day event. This convention will be held at the Museum of Australian Democracy at Old Parliament House in Canberra from Tuesday, March 17, to Thursday, March 19.
This program is deliberately designed to provide the students an opportunity to become better informed about how Australia’s Constitution provides a democratic framework to inspire them to take an active interest in the operation of government.
The topic of the 2020 convention is ‘Federalism: The Constitution and Australia’s Water’.
This will include input from experts and group discussions relating to the ongoing debate about the management of Australia’s water systems and the constitutional implications.
Session topics at the convention will include:
• How do other federations deal with water?
• Case study: Murray-Darling Basin. Historically, how has Australia dealt with water issues?
• What is the right mix of state and federal control of Australia’s water?
• Who should have control of Australia’s water and why?
Decisions made at the convention will be incorporated into a communiqué that will be presented to the president of the senate – the Hon. Senator Scott Ryan.
“The whole constitutional convention program, from local to state to national, is an excellent program. Being able to experience a mock version of parliament alongside friends and a diverse range of other students has been very beneficial for my leadership, teamwork and debating skills,” said an excited Angus Clark.
“To be able to attend the National Convention is a great privilege, and I would strongly recommend those students out there interested in the Australian Constitution to go through the local, state and national conventions for an experience that will enrich your mind, surround you with academics and to meet passionate people.
“In my experience, the Leongatha Secondary students have always taken a leading role among group activities at these events, proving that we are a school of eager, intelligent young leaders just waiting for a chance to show it.”
Isla added: “I am thrilled to have been selected as one of the Victorian candidates for the National Constitutional Convention, alongside Angus.
“Attending the convention will give us a chance to explore federalism and constitutional reform, both areas of politics which are extremely interesting and which we haven’t explored in depth before.
“Personally, I am most excited to meet political experts and participate in tours of important government buildings.
“Furthermore, I will be taking every opportunity to develop my public speaking and analytical skills to a higher standard during my stay in Canberra.
“I would highly recommend the experience for any student looking to challenge themselves and grow confidence in the areas of group collaboration and public speaking.”
Other elements of the program will include a tour of Parliament House and a reception at Government House followed by a dinner at the High Court of Australia.
Legal studies LSC teacher Mr Marty Box will be accompanying our students, along with others from around the state a supervisor.
Best of luck Isla and Angus, from the whole LSC community.