Debbie Jewell stocks up the apples last week during a brief quiet moment. Mm031220

There’s a range of fresh produce, picked daily, at Maccas Farm. Mm021220

THERE is an abundance of competitively-priced quality meat at Maccas Farm in Glen Forbes.
Featuring a wide range of produce from their farm, as well as across South Gippsland, Maccas Farm truly has the best that the local area has to offer.
“We’ve still got 20 steers that we expect to come through as we need it,” Peter McDonnell of Maccas Farm said last week.
“We keep competitive with the supermarkets.
“Our beef’s grass-fed and antibiotic-free. Our pork is free range, and we have South Gippsland lamb.
“We’re doing our own bacon, salamis, and hams.”
All their veggies are farm-grown and picked fresh daily.
Maccas Farm grow a range of produce, including beans, spring onions, three types of tomatoes, cucumbers, eggplants, broccoli, broccolini, capsicums, chilis, red and green cabbages, beetroots, spinach, herbs, silverbeet, lettuces, and more.
The store and café is truly a paddock-to-plate experience. Pick your own strawberries when in season.
If you want to do a bulk order, ring Maccas Farm to organise it and then come and collect it.
Come and enjoy the fresh air of South Gippsland and the ambience of the farm. Make a day of it, see where your meat comes from, and come visit Maccas Farm with family or friends on Dalyston-Glen Forbes Road – just follow the signs from the highway.