Brad Blake shows Fiona Clarke the best locations for installing DeerScan cameras to be installed to track deer around the Strzelecki Rainforest.

A DeerScan camera captured this male fallow deer last month – a known pest which destroys native forest.

GIPPSLAND Intrepid Landcare has been a part of a practical field trip exploring the Strzelecki rainforest and installing wildlife cameras to monitor deer population around the area.
Intrepid member Kathleen Brack said the day was full of valuable lessons.
“We learnt about the impact deers have on the environment – causing erosion, destroying bush through browsing, and ruining habitat of native animals,” Kathleen said.
“Deer have a massive impact on new revegetation sites. The importance of deer management is crucial, as they eat new trees and destroy Landcare efforts,” she said.
The group set up 20 motion-activated cameras with the help of Brad Blake from Procon Pest & Wildlife Management.
“We want to teach people how to ID deer and understand why they are pests, plus we will add the observations into DeerScan which is a citizen science app to assist with deer management in Victoria,” Brad said.
“Deer are wide-spread throughout Gippsland and will now be monitored by adding DeerScan cameras.
“The information gathered will help authorities understand better where deer are and what they are doing to the Gippsland environment,” he said.
The field trip was led by local experts Shannon Dwyer from Gippsland Water and John Crosby from the Latrobe Catchment Landcare Network.
A similar trip is coming up on May 1 in Yinnar South, followed by another on May 19 in Woodside.
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