The sky is falling, it’s the end of the world. We are running out of food and toilet paper… we are all gonna die with soiled bums!
No, no, no stop it, just stop it! The best thing we can all do at the moment is to sit down, have a lovely cup of tea (or coffee), relax and write out our normal shopping list for the week or fortnight.
Don’t put yourself in situations involving crowds or public gatherings is the advice. So how silly is it to go panic buying with hundreds of other people panic buying!
There is no “social safe distance” among a crowd of panic buying people!
It’s time to calm the herd. Does anyone know a good country singer who can sing gentle songs to the cattle panic buyers out there?
The supermarket staff are being run off their collective feet restocking shelves that are, believe it or not, being replenished when the supermarket receives their delivery of stock.
If you really need to stockpile, leave it at the supermarket, they have shelves they can keep things on for you when you need them so you don’t clutter up your home.
Now excuse me while I have a lovely cup of tea and write our shopping list for the fortnight in the hope that the clowns that are panic buying will leave something on the shelves when I and the sensible people get there to do our regular shop.
Have a great day and please, enhance your calm, stop panic buying, relax and enjoy life, there is enough for everyone. Relax people, relax.
R Smith, Korumburra.