Sentinel Times Comment

THE federal government wants us to all go out and spend the $750 to help the Aussie economy bounce back.
But if it’s all spent on toilet paper and hand sanitisers with the major supermarkets, then we’re doomed anyway.
It’s time to support local. Support the florist down the road. Your locally-owned IGA. The butcher. The newsagency. The café. The list goes on and on.
Small businesses might not have the same type of bulk bargaining power as the bigger mobs, but you’ll always get great customer service and the good feeling that you’re supporting a small business.
The owner of that local business is then likely to spend the money intown too. And so there’s a ripple effect where your $5 ends up in many different businesses (don’t forget to wash your hands).
Of course, the $750 won’t be reaching all of our pockets. Around half of those to receive it will be pensioners.
And, of course, they need it. If only I had a dollar for every time my grandfather told me he’s not turning on the heater/AC because of the power bill.
On the other side of the coin, the government’s $17.6b stimulus package has also got some relief directly for small businesses.
There’s wage subsidies for apprentices and trainees, and a significant expansion of the instant asset write-off, amongst other relief.
It’s all hoped to keep people in jobs. Let’s hope it does the trick!