THE decision to reopen schools for those kids whose parents have work commitments or who don’t have the technology has raised concerns in the community.

Here’s what the Premier Daniel Andrews had to say today, Tuesday, April 7, about the “return to school” next Wednesday, stressing that “if you can learn from home you must learn from home”.

Arrangements for VCE students were also discussed but remain unclear.

“School will reopen next Wednesday (April 15). Tuesday is a pupil-free day, but school is going to look very different in term two,” Mr Andres said.

“If you can learn from home you must learn from home. We’ve done the work by bringing the holidays forward. We’ve done the work with the IT and all the practical measures that are necessary to have many hundreds of thousands of students learning from home.

“If you can’t learn from home then schools will be open and we will run the same courses. We don’t want kids being disadvantaged because of things beyond their own control.

“There are a number of examples I can give you where it might be impossible for kids to learn from home for example there might be some digital issues despite the work that we have done.

“There will be students whose parents are doing incredibly important work for all of us whether it’s someone working the checkout at Coles or stacking shelves at Woolworths, a nurse, a member of Victoria Police… the list goes one.

“They are doing incredibly important work and there are a lot of other jobs being done right across Victoria…”

Mr Andrews said the children of those workers would be accommodated at school if it stops the parents going to work or technology issues make home connection to school impossible.

But there has already been a backlash online from teachers, including the following:

“So, school staff are going to have to put themselves at risk while trying to teach in-school classes and at home students at the same time. Many of these staff are also trying to keep their own children at home as well. What about ‘social distancing’?

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