You might like to do some serious research into these deaths which don’t include murders and many other causes of death.

Sadly, those who are said to die from the COVID19 are not easily categorised into “die with COVID19″ and “die from COVID19”.

The public should not be overwhelmed by the hysteria in the media, notwithstanding following reasonable sensible health practices and advice that should have been observed in the first place.

Worldwide deaths from January 1 to March 25, 2020:

* 21,297 deaths from coronavirus*

* 113,034 deaths from seasonal flu

* 228,095 deaths from malaria

* 249,904 deaths from suicides

* 313,903 deaths from traffic fatalities

* 390,908 deaths from HIV/AIDS

* 581,599 deaths from alcohol

* 1,162,148 deaths from smoking

* 1,909,804 deaths from cancer

* 2,382,324 deaths from hunger

* 9,913,702 deaths from abortion

*Worldwide deaths from COVID-19 at April 6, 2020 – 69,527

I have been wanting to do this compilation after hearing about 350 abortions per day in Australia compared with 21 deaths (41 by April 6) from COVID19 in 12 weeks. God forgive this land for shedding innocent blood.

Otto Ippel, Koorooman.