Social distancing should be practiced both in and outside the water. These images of surfing at Kilcunda and Cape Paterson in the past few days.

SURFERS have been doing their best to observe the ‘social distancing’ rules associated with the COVID-19 pandemic in Victoria both in and out of the water.

But it has been noticeable that, with a good-sized swell running, surfers have come out of the woodwork for their daily “exercise”.

Are the all locals?

You be the judge but if they are locals, then every able-bodied person with a surfboard in the shed is out there because popular breaks have certainly been well patronised.

However, while everyone does the right thing and keeps their distance, in the water and back in the carpark, all should be well, as we head towards a likely easing of restrictions around some sports from the middle of May onwards.

Typical of the autumn, however, where favourable winds combine with building swells, it’s certainly a chance to put the boring monotony of isolation behind you for an hour or two.

See also you tube video of Surfing at Cape and Killy this week