THE Phillip Island (Cowes) Fire Brigade was called to the scene of a minor incident at Silverleaves on Sunday morning, April 12 (today) shortly before 10am.

Two unit from the CFA brigade had lights and sirens blaring as they barrelled down Honeysuckle Grove towards the emergency call address on the corner of Bayview Road and Bruce Road.

However, while the sirens broke the Easter Sunday morning tranquillity, prompting residents to come outside to see what was going on, it only amount to a minor incident for fire fighters.

The donned their breathing apparatus just in case, therefore ‘social distancing’ wasn’t a problem but the problem seemed to be coming from a fuse box at the front of the occupied home.

“Looks like an electrical problem coming from the fuse box,” said a CFA spokesman at the scene.

There were no flames but from the front street at least, there was the feint smell of smoke, hence the alarm.

There didn’t appear to be any damage to the home and while hoses were run out, they were not needed.

It was a minor incident but makes you all the more grateful that the members of your local CFA are still prepared to turn out, pandemic or not. Thank you.