YOU won’t be able to stop their individual, golden trumpets from emerging in gardens all around the town but Leongatha’s famous, annual Daffodil Festival, staged in August-September, may not see the light of day in 2020.

Running continuously for the past 63 years, the festival is being threatened by the restrictions around the coronavirus pandemic, and even an easing of those restrictions, likely from next month onwards, may not be enough to save the time-honoured, much-loved event.

“We’re sending around a message to members next week but at this stage, we are uncertain about the festival going ahead,” said Leongatha Horticultural Society Secretary, Maureen Masterman.

“Even if we did get clearance to run the festival, we’re wondering who would come. That’s the problem.

“We’ll also be talking to the Leongatha Business Association. I couldn’t imagine they’ll be running their street festival. We’ll have to make a decision about it soon.”

Mrs Masterman said there was also some concern about the Leongatha Rose Show, held in November each year, but not as lucrative as the daffodil festival.

“We are coming up for our 49th rose show, so we had hoped to run that one this year and move on to our 50th in 2021 which would be quite a milestone, especially for those who have been involved for such a long time.”

No decision has yet been made on the future of either event in 2020.

The Leongatha Daffodil Festival, although considered by many to be a quaint, small-town curiosity actually attracts a lot of people to the town for its wonderful flower show and for 63 years, has been the traditional celebration of spring, especially for the local dairy farming community, coming out of a dark, damp winter.

Will it go ahead… watch this space?