Traffic technology technicians from Innovation Traffic Solutions, Pat and Serge, made some improvements during the week to the ‘Side Road Activated Speed Technology’ installed at the intersection of Korumburra-Inverloch and Lynnes roads, Wattlebank.

THE intersection of Lynnes Road, Wattlebank and Korumburra-Inverloch Road is a sneaky bad crossroads.

Coming from the Korumburra side in particular, the sight distances are not good, partly due to the trees on approach and a rise.

And, unfortunately, it can also be a high-speed section of the road, after drivers have come through the corners near Harman Wines and decide to put the foot down.

It has been the site of many bad accidents and several fatalities.

The intersection needed some creative thinking to make it safer and together with its contractors, including Innovative Traffic Solutions, they’ve installed ‘Side Road Activated Speed Technology’ for the first time in Bass Coast.

The Member for Bass, Jordan Crugnale, has welcomed the initiative.

“We’ve brought the innovative Side Road Activated Speed technology into Bass for the first time, making the Korumburra-Inverloch and Lynnes Road intersection safer.”

The new sensor-activated electronic speed signs are located on both sides of the intersection for Korumburra-Inverloch Road users, giving drivers more time to move through the crossroads with a better chance to react if traffic fails to give way.

The temporary slower travel speed is expected to significantly reduce the occasion and severity of crashes.

When vehicles approach the intersection from a side road, under-road sensors will temporarily reduce the 100km/h speed limit on the main road to 70km/h until the car moves through the intersection.

Safety barriers have also been installed at the intersection as part of the works which were completed in February.

Crews were out onsite this week repositioning the radars linked to the system to maximise the efficiency of its operation.

The project forms part of the $1.4 billion investment in safer roads from the Towards Zero Action Plan, delivered in partnership between the Transport Accident Commission (TAC) and Regional Roads Victoria.