Comment by Sentinel-Times

FISHING, surfing and golf should be allowed.

In NSW, it’s up to the golf club’s own discretion, but most have stayed open despite the strict regulations in force to support ‘social distancing’ and ‘stay home’ isolation provisions.

Out on the course, it’s two per group, and golfers must observe their social distancing rules.

The ‘19th hole’ is not open for drink afterwards.

Once their safe exercise is complete, the clubs are simply loaded in the car and the players leave without congregating.

It’s not allowed in Victoria. Why?

Surely, it’s a much less risky undertaking than going to the supermarket, although, granted, getting food is a much-more-necessary activity.

Given the health benefits, especially to older adults, it’s certainly worth a try, to bring back golf, and see how well it works.

The same goes for fishing, especially surf beach fishing and other land-based options where it’s rated as passive exercise in NSW but not here in Victoria.

OK, loading up a boatful of mates and going for a boozy day fishing isn’t what we want to see, but there can be nothing wrong with throwing in a line off the beach for recreation, mental health and maybe, a nice fish for the table.

As long as surfers don’t congregate in the carpark checking it out for too long, surfing should continue to be rated as good exercise, especially for energy-packed youngsters.

But we certainly support closing the beautiful beaches in Bass Coast and South Gippsland over the four days at Easter as a way to discourage visitors and holidaymakers coming down and compromising out health outcomes.

So, Mr Premier, bring back your beloved golf and add land-based fishing to the list of approved exercise pursuits. It might also go into the “getting food” category.