A NEW common room at the Linton Court Retirement Village in Foster is nearing completion.

The building in the centre of the village will provide a space where residents can meet and socialise, hold meetings and activities.

It will include kitchen facilities, a large screen TV and a coffee machine.

Planning is also complete for the construction of an outdoor entertaining building beside the permanent natural bushland owned by DELWP. Village residents have been heavily involved in the planning of this, and have dubbed this new building “The Pentagon”.

The Pentagon will be built over the next few months to provide a spot to relax in the sunshine while enjoying a barbecue or a drink, or simply just contemplating the surroundings.

There are also plans to add a further five units in the next few years.

The retirement village is run by a local community, not-for-profit approved charity body to provide accommodation suited for older people on a very affordable basis. It is administered a board of volunteers so the interests of the residents are aligned with those of the board. Most maintenance is also done on a voluntary basis by local people.

The village draws its name from its original benefactors – Ted and Lydia Linton – who initiated the project and donated the land on which the village was developed.