Take care!

Sage advice in the current environment – but there is more to watch out for than COVID-19.

Watch your back! The South Gippsland Shire Council has just released the latest incarnation of the proposed 2020/21 budget and council plan.

Every constituent owes it to themselves and their family to try and make sense of what council has in store for us.

This revamp was supposed to be about addressing the looming financial impact many of us are going to experience.

The reality is that there are no spending constraints to be seen and you are going to get yet another excessive increase in your rates. There is no mention of any intent for our employees to take some of the load in the form trimming their own pay etc. Nope nothing!

Once you get your head around what they have in mind for you, please, see if you can find anything that indicates they have any understanding as to what “We are all in this together” actually means.

John McCombe, Leongatha