The never-ending claims from State and Federal Governments that ‘we are all in this together’ and we all need ‘to share the financial burden’ is simply not true!

Why are our two tiers of Government immune to the financial crisis confronting our nation right now?

The financial sacrifices being made by the business sector in Australia is unprecedented in our time and Australians are suffering like never before!

Why is it that the very people who develop and create the wealth of Australia are taking the full brunt of financial losses, yet Members of Parliament and public servants have no change to their salaries and general perks?

We must introduce at least a 40% reduction in salaries across Governments and all Public Servants (with the exemption of health workers and associated groups) and re direct these funds where they are most needed. We will then be truly ‘all in this together’. Thank you.

Ken Smith, No address given

(Note the former Member for Bass as previously stated)