THE first week of remote delivery went as well as could be expected. Naturally, it took some getting used to, but the Maths and English group went very well.

This week, BCAL is beginning a digital literacy course to assist people enrolled in TAFE courses to access their classes online. The program is part of a project called Gaining the Edge, which has been designed to complement the free TAFE initiative. The project recognises that some people taking up the free TAFE courses may need some help in returning to study. Gaining the Edge gives them literacy and numeracy skills as well planning and resilience, research, and of course, digital skills.

The program is the first of its kind and if successful, will be rolled out state-wide.

For more information on all BCAL’s courses and services, please visit the website or call 5672 3115 to learn more.


Wonthaggi Community Garden


Community gardens are hard to categorise under the outdoor activity restrictions of the current coronavirus lockdown.

They can be considered essential areas in that people grow and harvest fresh food within them, while at the same time attracting gardeners in what medical experts have identified as that most vulnerable age group – the over 60s.

It’s with this in mind that garden organisers have stopped all group gardening sessions, restricted numbers and asked casual visitors to stay away until further notice.

Those members who have been able to tend their vegetable plots, to plant and harvest, report these brief visits help break up their day and provide welcome gentle exercise in the fresh air. They are, of course, maintaining social distancing and limiting almost all of their interacting to the soil, plants and trees.

Contact the garden coordinators at with any enquiries.


Wonthaggi U3A


While in lockdown, local U3A groups are receiving weekly updates from the state U3A network to keep them informed.

U3A organisations from all over are seeking mentors to assist with online Zoom meetings. Some tutors are already using Zoom and YouTube to continue engaging with their classes.

Locally, there will be a mid-term newsletter sent out to keep members informed and socially connected.

For further information on U3A Wonthaggi classes and activities, please visit their website, their Facebook page, or call 0491 093 300.