I struggle to articulate my frustrations and disgust regarding the deplorable state of the stormwater system at Cape Paterson.

These struggles are further heightened by South Gippsland Water’s apparent inability to care sufficiently to ensure that their infrastructure that can cope with the frequent weather events that impact coastal areas.

For the second time in a year Cape has been inundated, this time purely due to the inability of the sewer system to effectively remove fallen rain in a timely manner.

One would have assumed that the massive hail event that smashed the village a year ago highlighted significant issues, given the resulting complete failure of Cape Paterson’s storm water system at that time. Why then on Sunday last, April 5 did it clearly became evident that the authority has failed to act in the 12 months since that devastating event.

How much evidence and time does South Gippsland Water need to meet both their duty of care and deliver what should be basic standards in the services that they have no compunction in charging us for?

In the meantime, we have the challenge of again removing, drying and repacking our stored possessions, sadly each time this occurs we have less to repack. We will do so with little confidence that South Gippsland Water will ever find the motivation, urgency or capacity to provide a system fit for purpose.

Jim Barritt, Cape Paterson