THERE are some silver linings to these interesting times of self-isolation and social distancing. While setting up online delivery, BCAL has heard from several former English students whose work commitments prevented them from attending classes and now wish to restart their studies. The new flexible options will allow them to continue.

Enquiries for online job skills courses have come from as far afield as Melbourne’s northern suburbs.

One of the new courses, Employable Me, is aimed at assisting people to perfect their résumés, cover letters and interview skills so they are ready to go from the moment restrictions are lifted. The fully online course will be facilitated by experts via webcast and available to anyone for a small fee.

Term 2 begins this week. Enrolments are open for all regular courses. Call 5672 3115 for information on how classes will be presented.

For more information on all BCAL’s courses and services, please visit or call 5672 3115 to learn more.


Wonthaggi Community Garden


It’s great to see that despite the tight restrictions on visits to the garden, some members, while abiding by the rules, are planting up their plots for the coming season.

They have put in broad bean seeds, early garlic, onions, cauliflower and broccoli seedlings and reliable radishes as a between seasons filler.

So, although these times are extraordinary there is a comforting sense of continuity and normality at the garden.

Planting, digging, weeding, turning compost and simply walking around in a garden all have the added benefit of being great ways to exercise.

The Wonthaggi Community Garden has suspended its regular get-togethers and visitor numbers are restricted, but you can contact if you would like more information.