WITH supermarket shelves often empty by the end of the day from panic buying, South Gippslanders seem to have a renewed focus on growing vegetables at home.

Jessica Harrison, voluntary coordinator of the Harvest Centre at Wonthaggi Neighbourhood Centre Mitchell House, shared some growing tips with the Sentinel-Times.

“At the Harvest Centre [recently], we planted snow peas and recommend planting turnips, carrots, lettuce and radishes in your garden,” she said.

“Broccoli, cauliflower, Brussels sprouts, kale and cabbages are due to be planted now.

“You could add rocket, lettuce and radishes for healthy salads.”

Jessica suggested covering cabbage seedlings with white netting or lace curtains to protect them from cabbage moth, which lay eggs in the plants.

“It’s a busy time for gardeners – fallen leaves to rake, fruit trees to prune, fast growing lawns to mow, garlic and broad beans to plant,” she said.

“The Salvos and the Anglican Church need donations of food, so if you have any excess fruit, tomatoes and other produce, please drop them off and they will be distributed to people in need.”