BASS Coast Health has expanded its Hospital In The Home (HITH) program throughout the COVID-19 pandemic to ensure an enhanced ability to expand and care for some COVID-19 patients in their home.

Nurse unit manager in charge of HITH, Pat McCabe, said staff remain dedicated to safely caring for patients at home, maintaining the Stay at Home directives.

“The program is for people who have an acute illness and can be safely managed in the comfort of their own home,” Pat said earlier this month.

“Nurses visit them to administer antibiotics, treat acute wounds or monitor drainage following surgery.

“When the HITH program commences to treat COVID-19 patients, we will have provisions to ensure all care will be provided safely.

“This may include telehealth and telemedicine to monitor patients if a face-to-face visit is not required.

“Our aim is to ensure that patients only attend hospital if necessary.

“We have a strong pandemic plan to ensure the safety of all our staff and prevent any transmission of COVID-19 to our vulnerable patients.”

Whilst on the HITH program, patients are under the care of Bass Coast Health’s highly trained workforce, including highly skilled BCH nursing and allied health staff.

GPs are involved and Dr George Grigoriadis, physician and haematologist, is providing clinical oversight to assist with planning for this important service.

“HITH is one of many services we are enhancing to ensure the utmost safety, for both staff and patients, and we have an excellent team to provide individualised, high-quality care,” said operations director Kirsten Weinzierl.