THE South Gippsland Conservation Society (SGCS) has released a new short film analysing the factors contributing to coastal erosion at Inverloch, and it’s now available to view on YouTube.

The 31-minute film, titled ‘Coastline in Crisis,’ combines drone and photographic footage of the eroding shoreline at Inverloch Surf Beach and Anderson Inlet, with interviews with experts in coastal geomorphology, ecology and Aboriginal cultural heritage, local business owners, and other community representatives.

With several short- and long-term solutions to protect what remains of the beach and its dune system put forward in the film, SGCS believes it provides crucial input into the Victorian government-funded Local Coastal Hazard Assessment, a scientific study that’s developing a coastal resilience plan for the Inverloch coastline.

“Coastline in Crisis shows how sand removed from the beach and dune system since 2013 is unlikely to return, leaving Cape Paterson Road, Surf Parade and nearby housing vulnerable,” said SGCS spokesperson Philip Heath.

“This highlights the need for further urgent action, otherwise the remaining dunes could well be lost before the state government’s resilience plan is even in place.”

‘Coastline in Crisis’ can be viewed at