KINDNESS has grown organically in Mirboo North with a community food swap connecting residents in isolation.

The food swap kicked off after the town’s op shop was forced to close on March 21 due to the pandemic.

Op shop committee members decided to place a box of books on the footpath for people to borrow and share.

Almost immediately, someone added a box of fresh food with the message, “Free little box”.

Op shop spokeswoman Kylie Cannizzo visits the site each day to ensure it is clean and tidy, and said she was amazed by the range of new food items placed there for people to help themselves to.

“We’ve got no way of knowing who is using it [the food swap] but generally every time I drive down the street, there is someone having a poke around,” Ms Cannizzo said.

“It’s not being raided. It’s meeting a need in the community.”

Ms Cannizzo placed a surplus of green tomatoes from her garden in the swap box, only to discover a few days later that someone had shared jars of green tomato pickles and a thank you note for the fresh ingredients.

Another day an unknown resident donated a box of feijoas along with a recipe for feijoa jam and empty jam jars.

“It’s the spirit of Mirboo North!” Ms Cannizzo said.