By Shelby Brooks

A CREATIVE Inverloch local is going to be featured in a crowd-funded kindness pandemic 2021 calendar.

Sue Macknamara has been entertaining everyone on the Facebook page, Kindness Pandemic Inverloch, with her artistic photoshoots of her taking her weekly bin out.

Creator of the Facebook page Emma Davey was so taken with Sue’s photographs, she decided to create a calendar using Sue’s photos.

“Every week we’ve been having fun with putting our bins out and Sue just stood out with amazing artistic photos,” Emma said.

Sue Macknamara has been very creative on bin nights.

Emma has raised over $300 on Go Fund Me to get the project up and running.

The calendar will be filled with quotes with things the people of Inverloch learnt during isolation, and those who pledge on the website can also include their own quote on their chosen day.

“We’ll also include funny things like the day we ran out of toilet paper, just little things to remind us of this journey,” Emma said.

Sue’s photo for each month is based around the theme of different countries and isolation.

Any profit made will go to the Olivia Newton-John Cancer Wellness and Research Centre.

To donate, head to