THE tables were turned on video classes last week for BCAL’s First Aid course. This time, the students were in the classroom and the trainer appeared via video link.

Being a hands-on course, First Aid requires learners to use equipment. This has been a challenge to deliver in these times. However, by keeping the class size small, all involved were able to maintain social distancing and still get the necessary practical experience.

The lockdown has caused some anxiety for people whose First Aid updates have come due over the last two months. With restrictions being eased, BCAL will be announcing fresh dates for First Aid very soon.

For more information on all of BCAL’s courses and services, please visit or call 5672 3115 to learn more.


Wonthaggi Community Garden


Four garden friends and volunteers set to work last Thursday rehabilitating tired veggie plots for new season planting.

That meant topping up the soil with compost, manure and well-rotted straw and pulling up old growth. A bonus was harvesting and sharing the garden’s last two pumpkins.

Other jobs included tip pruning three shrub-sized feijoas that had just finished fruiting. And what an abundance! There was enough fruit this season for jam and lots of giveaways.

It’s a pleasure to work alongside others in the community garden; each gardener brings their individual effort, approach and expertise to the communal task.

Contact or phone 0422 213 787 to find out how you can contribute as a volunteer or garden member.


Wonthaggi U3A


Many people have used isolation as a good excuse to catch up on some reading.

Wonthaggi U3A has its own library for members, stocked entirely from donations. There’s some fascinating stuff in there, including rare volumes that would be hard to find in any bookshop or public library.

Although U3A classes are not open, a member can make arrangements to pick something up or drop something off through BCAL reception.

For further information on U3A Wonthaggi classes and activities, please visit, the Facebook page, or call 0491 093 300.