The Noble Tom Prosser rig has been in for repairs for almost a month now and its well and truly worn out its welcome.

HOW’S the tranquillity at Cowes on Phillip Island?

Not that great, according to a local resident, especially if you live in the Silverleaves’ area of town.

The problem is the industrial noise coming from the jack-up rig the Noble Tom Prosser which arrived at the Cowes anchorage on Sunday, April 18 after sailing in from East Gippsland where it was doing exploration work for ExxonMobil’s West Barracouta gas project.

It’s not the first time noisy rigs have set-up shop in Westernport, off Cowes, receiving repairs and maintenance but, according to the Port of Hastings ‘Weekly Shipping List’ there’s no date for the huge rig’s departure.

It’s sailing date for Portland is listed as TBA.

There’s been talk around the town, as much as there can be with the COVID-19 restrictions, wondering how long locals have to put up with it.

“Why is this oil rig actually in the bay and why has it been here so long?” asks Sentinel-Times contributor Kylie.

“And more importantly, why is it allowed to flout EPA noise rules and have engines or machinery operating day and night, causing noise that is so loud it can be heard over half of Phillip Island, even when indoors with doors and windows shut?

“If it was any other type of commercial operation this would not be allowed.

“Who has oversight? Bass Coast Shire Council? Victorian Government?

“Answers as to why residents have suffered for weeks and when it will stop should be provided, perhaps our local MP Jordan Crugnale could be approached?”

Over to you Ms Crugnale. What’s the situation and who’s responsible?