TWO unregistered cars, bought from the same property in Dalyston, were found burnt out within days of each other.

Police were called to a car fire at 11.30pm on Monday, May 18, at the intersection at Glen Forbes Road and Hawkins Road, Dalyston.

The unregistered Hyundai Getz was part of a double paddock bomb purchase via Gumtree, made that morning from a property in Dalyston.

Police believe the car was deliberately set alight.

Scrubland also caught fire. The vehicle was towed.

The second unregistered vehicle, also a Hyundai Getz, was found a few hundred metres along Hawkins Road later that night.

A man was found beside the second car and arrested, although he has since been released with enquires pending.

By Saturday, May 23, the second car which had been left on Hawkins Road was found burnt out.

Wonthaggi Police Sergeant Barry McCoy said police believed the incidents were connected and they were being treated as arson.

Sergeant McCoy said the seller of the unregistered cars had done nothing wrong by not taking buyer details.

Anyone with information is urged to contact Crime Stoppers anonymously on 1800 333 000 or Wonthaggi Police on 5671 4100.