SAN Remo Police Station showed its support for the LGBTIQ community on Sunday, May 17, the International Day Against Homophobia, Biphobia and Transphobia (IDAHOBIT), by raising a rainbow flag to fly alongside the Australian national flag.

Senior Sergeant Bruce Kent raised the flag alongside Sally Conning, president of local LGBTIQ advocacy group, the South Coast Inclusion Network (SCIN).
Snr Sgt Kent, who’s also an elected Bass Coast Shire councillor, strongly expressed his view that “there is strength in our community when we all walk together”.
He compared the community with a cake: “When you look at the slices, they’re all a bit different, and wouldn’t it be boring if they were all the same?”

Sally, who had raised rainbow flag earlier in the day in Wonthaggi before travelling to San Remo, said: “I really wish I could do myself out of a job – one day we won’t need IDAHOBIT. Some people don’t understand us. That’s where phobias grow from. We have to continue to say, ‘we’re here and we’re part of the community; respect us and celebrate with us’.”
Sally also acknowledged the special significance of the police station ceremony, given the events of the last few weeks.
“Here is a trans elder and a police sergeant raising the flag with mutual respect. With the Deputy Mayor [Bass Coast Shire Councillor and SCIN supporter Geoff Ellis] alongside with his damned camera! Three people with common goals showing LGBTIQ support.”?