The classic “no idea move”. Put all the bins out, you can’t get it wrong. It’s also a ploy for holiday homeowners who won’t be back for more than two weeks, making sure their red bin is emptied.

IF it’s all about reducing waste to landfill, which it mostly is, then the Bass Coast Shire has the strategy right.

Of the 6000 tonnes of waste collected in the first three months of 2020, just 1330 tonnes was general waste, destined for landfill.

That’s a freaking fantastic result.

And according to the shire’s General Manager Resilient Communities, Jodi Kennedy, with around 77 per cent of kerbside waste diverted away from landfill, a once-a-fortnight collection strategy for the “red” bin is more than adequate.

They’re not going back to weekly general waste collection which means we’ve got to get our heads around the ‘Collection Calendar’ in our area.

And in a coastal shire with hundreds of holiday homes and second homes, particularly during the COVID-19 lockdown, it’s noticeable that non-locals often get the bins days wrong.

Although as Ali Smith responded on Facebook: Gee us “second homeowners” have been getting an absolute flogging lately. Made to feel unwelcome by putting the wrong bins out, what next!?”

Rule number one is utilise the bin collection calendar for your area, which clearly explains when each of their bins; green, red and yellow will be collected. Bin collection calendars are available at

Rule number two is green bins go out every week.

Rule number three is red and yellow bins alternate fortnightly – they can’t go out together.

Ms Kennedy provided some other waste bin info:

  • The average green organics bin weighs 16.5kgs; yellow recyclable bins average just over 10kgs and red landfill bins just under 10kgs.
  • In the first three months of this year our kerbside service collected 6000 tonnes of waste. More than half was food and organic waste, 1480 tonnes of recyclables and 1330 tonnes of general waste destined for Landfill.
  • If you would like a paper copy of the bin calendar posted out, you can give our Waste Services Team a call on 1300 BCOAST (226 278) or (03) 5671 2211 or email
  • When used alongside the recycling and organics bins, fortnightly collection of red landfill bins easily manages the waste disposal needs of most properties in Bass Coast.
  • Our statistics continually demonstrate that more than half of Bass Coast’s kerbside waste goes in the green organics’ bins, which are collected weekly. The red landfill bin is smaller and collected fortnightly to encourage people to use their other bins to dispose of waste whenever possible.
  • Bass Coast continues to divert around 77 per cent of kerbside waste away from landfill which is a fantastic outcome for our community and our environment.
  • Bass Coast’s recyclables are currently collected by Wonthaggi Recyclers and sent to Visy in Dandenong for processing.
  • Paper and cardboard is made into new recycled packaging, recycled plastic is made into new drink bottles, recycled steel is made into new containers, and recycled aluminium is made into new beverage cans. Glass bottles and jars are collected, sorted and processed at Visy into glass cullet, ready for use by glass manufacturers.
  • In the future, the State Government will introduce a container deposit scheme by 2023 and Council is eagerly awaiting further details of how this scheme will work in Bass Coast.
  • At this stage the only impact COVID-19 is having, is on our e-waste recycling service. Because our processor has suspended acceptance of e-waste, we are currently unable to accept any until further notice.

Wrong: you can’t put red and yellow bins out on the same day.